Create your own Video Email

In our day and age Internet Marketing is always appearing in different mediums; one of the latest trends to appear comes in the form of video marketing. This is down to the growth of services such as YouTube as well as the fact you can pick up video cameras relatively cheap. A combination of these factors has not only lead to an increase in the use of online video as a promotion strategy but it has lead to a new phenomena known as viral marketing, or video emails. (This discussion does not form part of details or particulars related to i-video’s unique internet video marketing service, i-video mail™.)

Email is considered to be an excellent way in order to encourage people to visit your website. You are able to send out promotional emails that refers to your business and promotes new services and products that you have to offer in order to potentially gain new customers or as a way of enticing old customers to come back to your business or company. On top of this, videos are considered to be a great marketing tool. They get peoples attention and let you show your products off as well as give you a way of talking about them. As well as this they are a form of media that will get passed around to a number of people, which will help you gain more subscribers. So when you combine the two of these aspects; sending emails and videos you will be left with a sure fire way of successfully marketing your business or company right? Well let’s see…

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to video emails is it is important only to market to people who have opted to receive emails from you. In other words, they are on your database, and have asked to be on your database.

By using a video as part of your email marketing campaign you can greatly enhance your message to sell your product or service. This is great for people who don’t like to write. Instead of having to write and proofread an email you can simply send out a video with one click of a mouse. Basically the convenience factor of this marketing strategy is definitely something that you should keep in mind.

There are two main types of video email that you have the option of choosing from when it comes to sending a video email; these are attachment or embedded (also referred to as streaming). The attachment method sends the video file as an attachment, which you can add to an average email. This however comes with its disadvantages for the fact that a lot of attachments on emails are failing to be opened in fear that they are a virus. So if someone who doesn’t really know much about your business or company receives an email off you that has an attachment chances are they are not going to open it.

Embedded or streaming emails however only send a tiny bit of information to the recipient which instructs their computer how to view the video. The way in which videos are embedded into an email is through the use of HTML, just like you would see on a webpage. This however can often be criticized as most email programs will either disable or strip the video out. Aspects such as this often makes you question the hype that surrounds video emails. However the fact remains that email can be an excellent way to encourage people to visit your website and watch your video.

There is another way that you can make these type of emails work for you. Instead of striving to embed a video into your mail you may want to approach it from a different angle. By this I simply mean instead of placing the entire recording into the email, simply place a screenshot in and include a link that takes the recipient to your website where they are able to watch the entire recording. This boasts the traffic to your website and ensures that people watch your video, which means you are benefiting from email marketing as well as Internet marketing.