Great Viral Marketing Tips

Creating a Successful Viral Video for your Business!

Well for those of us who aren’t very technology savvy, let’s first explain what Viral Marketing is. Viral Marketing is a concept designed to market whatever you offer, whether it’s a product, a service or even an idea. It’s any type of marketing that has the ability to encourage people to pass on the message you’re trying to give.

nodivingVideo Marketing has rocketed in popularity in recent times, with video sites bringing in millions of viewers daily more and more mainstream companies are realising the benefits that come with marketing through Video.

Of course if you want to succeed when it comes to Viral Marketing, it’s important you know the best ways to make a video that will sell what you want it to, and capture people’s attention long enough for them to grasp what you’re selling them, and how to get to your site.

First of all, you are making this video to sell your product and it’s representing your business, so you need to make it look professional. There’s honestly nothing worse than a poorly made product video, I’m sure you’ve seen them before, video’s that drone on, adverts that aren’t fluid, or even videos with children in the background running around playing. All these things won’t capture anyone’s attention when it’s representing you and your business. If you want to be successful then take time and effort to ensure your video sells well.

You also need to make sure your video is memorable, videos that are clever, witty and funny stay in people’s minds, they’ll get people talking and your video might even get passed around to people, meaning people will be more aware of your product or company, turning it into a Viral Video! Viral videos are viral because they are appealing and somewhat irresistible to people, meaning that they have to pass it on, right now! Whether it’s a gimmick, innovative or just interesting and controversial, as long as it’s memorable and appealing, it will get passed on to people and customers you never even realised were out there!

Another great way to succeed is to make people feel something. Provoke an emotion, whether it’s love or hate, happiness or anger, if you can get people feeling something about your video, then you can be sure they’ll want to share it. Sometimes just showing people your commitment and dedication can get them on side!

Be unpredictable and unexpected, doing something different will make people really notice your advert, think of something new, think about what would make you pass the video on? But one thing to remember is to, above all, never be a copy cat! Shamelessly copying other adverts won’t win you points, however Parodies of famous viral videos can sometimes be a hit! It’s just judging what you think would work out best.

One final, yet important tip is to always allow sharing, downloading and embedding. Sharing is what makes viral marketing! Always take every step possible in order to make your video as accessible as possible, so that people can send, share and re-post your video as much as they want. This gives you a lot more potential for new customers and readers because it’s spreading your video! Restricting access means you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot, why make a viral video if you don’t want people to watch and share it?

It’s not difficult when it comes to Viral Marketing, if you place yourself in your viewers shoes, you can see what they’d be seeing and whether you’d want to pass it on, if not, then you’ll know it might just be time for a re-think!