So you have made an Online Marketing Video, now what?

Got a product or service? Looking to market it? If so you’ve probably heard of online video marketing and the effect that it can have on your business. The fact that 80% of Internet users watch website videos is just one of the many reasons that video marketing is now one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies you can apply.

The whole point of marketing a product or service is to provoke interest; it is about getting people to know what you are offering them. Website Videos capture attention and engages a viewer’s visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. When you look at it from this perspective, it is easy to see why it is now one of the most effective ways of marketing whatever it is your business has to offer.

Creating your video is simply the first step, but what happens once you have done this? Where do you place said video for this marketing strategy to really work? There isn’t one answer to this question, in fact there are several but let’s start with the most obvious; your website.

Your website needs to contain relevant information about your product or service, so having a page within your site where you can place videos makes sense. It gives people a sense of identity where your company is concerned and instantly forms a connection between your business and potential clients, but that’s not all.

The Internet provides a range of resources including social networking sites, blogs and forums. All of these websites provide the option of placing videos. Think of the amount of traffic these sites receive on a daily basis, traffic that could potentially watch your video. By ensuring your video is posted on sites such as these you are introducing people, who previously may have never heard of your business, to the products and services that you have on offer, and let’s not forget YouTube.

With web video sites such as YouTube you have the option of creating, not only an account, but your own dedicated channel. This is recommended if you are serious about online video marketing, as it allows you to add to your videos, so you are providing as much information as possible.

Video marketing is now even used within emails. Text emails, although effective, only generally receive a 2% response rate from the people receiving them; however clients receiving video mail generate an average response rate of 27%, in some cases this even raises to over 30%.

Whether you are promoting to new or existing customers, with the help of website videos, you have the potential to make a real difference, but it doesn’t stop with just one video. By creating a catalogue of videos and posting them to all the relevant websites you are building up a profile of your business and everything that you have to offer.




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