The benefits of Internet Video Marketing

We’ve all heard of Internet Marketing and the wonders that it does for our websites; article writing, pay per click and general promotion are needed in order to drive traffic to your website and bring you new customers. So have you heard of the latest in Internet marketing and the effect that it could have on the success of your website? I am of course talking about Internet Video Marketing, which is already appearing as a significant trend for 2009.

It has been estimated that eight out of ten people actively view video content on the Internet and this is only set to increase due to the fact videos, unlike pages of text, can be downloaded and viewed anytime, so instead of losing customers who don’t want to read through loads of text, you could gain customers as they can take away pieces of information about your business and view it whenever they want; sometimes when they’re even offline. So how exactly does internet video marketing work?

One of the most efficient ways of letting your clients know exactly what you have to offer is through the use of internet video marketing. Your clients as well as potential customers need to know what your business is about and what you have to offer. This is a great tool to help you achieve just this. It helps you get your message across and can increase your company’s presence on the Internet. It puts a modern twist on old ways of advertising. It should however be noted that Internet video marketing should not substitute existing Internet marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing, article marketing or pay-per-click campaigns. What it should be used for is to leverage these existing marketing techniques.

By using Internet video marketing you can get your business out to a wider audience. The reason that I say this is due to the fact this video won’t just appear on your actual website but you can also place it on YouTube and other sites such as facebook, blogger and Squidoo pages. By placing it on sites such as YouTube, people can subscribe to your YouTube channel, which will inform people straight away when you have something new to offer as well as acting as a reminder of what your business has achieved in the past.

I know you may be thinking well I can achieve most of the above using the marketing methods that I have in place now so why should I incorporate video marketing as well? There are several answers to this question such as you can never have too many means of promotion in place. Also, and more importantly, most of us would opt to watch something as oppose to read something. So if you just include text in your promotion campaign but your competitors includes text and video, who do you think people are more likely to do business with? Also it is important to remember video is a great way to enhance the consumer experience as it educates the viewer about a product or service that your business has to offer. It puts more of a brand on a business.

Basically in order for you to truly make the most out of your Internet marketing campaign you should look into implementing video marketing into it. So what are you waiting for? Drive more traffic and gain more customers with the help of internet video marketing today.