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Video Sells! – But Why?

lowres5Whether it’s for entertainment, or advertising – Online Video is hot. Web videos are showing up everywhere at the moment; and with Video Behemoths such as YouTube reeling in 1 Billion views a day, its obvious why Video Advertising has rocketed into the public eye recently.

For example, let’s take the Mexican Brand, Pacifico Beer. Yes, I hear you, “that’s not Australia”. That’s correct, this is the Worldwide Web and your products and services are available in all corners of the globe now, so when someone gets it right in another part of the world it’s relevant.

Pacifico Beer’s advertising campaign was based purely upon Online Video, and was later found featured in the New York Times due to the unbelievable amount of interest and revenue that the video received. Their website included fun video clips that were completely different to any other beer commercial you’d see on the TV. It’s an interesting approach, and one that’s becoming more and more popular.

Australian companies aren’t backward in coming forward either, there are more and more major brands aware their customers are spending more time watching the computer than the TV, so instead of investing all their valuable money on TV time, they’re looking towards Internet Video Campaigns.

Online Video Marketing is one of the top ways to get your message viewed, nowadays; the average person can and often does have a short attention span when surfing the Web, which is why writing a couple of paragraphs is a lot less effective, as a lot of people just see it as effort to read… Alternatively, Video loads in a flash, and before you know it, you’re watching it and taking in the information with so little effort needed! It’s fast, simple and more often than not, Videos are seen as entertainment, so people will often quite happily watch a video on anything just to see what happens.

large_clapperboardOnline Video has also gained a lot of respect over the years, which is why people who use it often receive automatic respect and status. A lot of the time you’re instantly seen as an expert, and people are more likely to consider you whenever they have any questions or problems to do with your field.

If you have ever had a problem yourself and needed a walkthrough to a query, be it in any kind of conundrum or even DIY, you might have, yourself, come across tutorial and walkthrough videos showing you how to do things. You know how hard it can be to read and do something, but by seeing it, you get a better understanding of what to do, whilst at the same time, learning about the author and the company, so you know where to go back to should you have any more problems.

Video gives you easy access to a range of audiences, and it’s likely that a chunk of those audiences will be interested in what you’re offering. Whether you’re uploading videos to your site, or Video giants such as YouTube or Google Video, you have the potential to attract a massive crowd of varying audiences, especially if you use appropriate and well chosen keywords, you’ll be seeing results in no time.

It has never been easier to create Videos to promote whatever you like; it’s incredibly cost effective, as a lot of sites don’t charge to upload your videos. With just a little time and commitment, you could soon be reaping the benefits of Marketing through Online Videos without breaking your bank balance.